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Friday, 13 July 2018 02:05


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Let's talk kitchens!

I personally like to cook, so when I design a kitchen it has to look amazing but also be functional. Nothing worse than going into a kitchen that looks great and finding out that the garbage bin is on the other side of the room where it's not practical for every day use, or that the fridge is so far away from the cook top that you have to walk a long way to get something in the middle of cooking.

I have been saving a lot of inspirational images of beautiful kitchens and I realized that I have been gravitating towards a lot of Australian design lately. Yay Australia! These images are some of the ones I have been saving on my Instagram and Pinterest lately that have me dreaming of big and open spaces, and remodeling my own kitchen.


photo by Rob Brison

This kitchen by Mr&Mrs Sharp is very cool and different. They used a thinner counter top with waterfall edge and it looks great. Usually these style counters are done with a thicker edge, but I like how they did this one. It has storage all around so you don't get the usual counter with stools. They have one open shelve on the back wall so it's a good idea that they have more storage in the island. I also really like the use of these round lights to contrast with all the straight lines.



Photo by Felix Forest


This kitchen is designed by Australian design firm Arent & Pike and said: "Defining the kitchen, bespoke raw brass cabinetry has been designed to patina with time while revealing the warm beauty of bright brass in areas of high use".

I just love anything gold, even though this is a big statement, I think the hardware in the back cabinets is exquisite and it ties in perfectly with the massive gold "island". To see the whole project go here.



Photo by Elisa Watson


This one hardly looks like a kitchen. Is it a kitchen? Not sure where the cooking top is, but this looks like a space you can use for many things. The mirror behind the stools make this island look like a free standing table. This design is by Australian firm Travis Walton and the lighting is by Bec Brittain who has a studio in Manhattan and produces her pieces in New York.




Photo by Anson Smart


This is another kitchen by Australian designers Arent & Pike. You can see the lack of upper cabinets on the back wall and instead they used marble to make it a focal point that is clean, modern and easily blends with the rest of the room. I personally LOVE this look, but with three kids in my house, boxes of cereal in the kitchen and empty bowls by the end of the morning, this would be very hard to keep looking good all the time! Maybe when all the kids are gone to college?! The whole project looks amazing.



Photo by Minosa Design


This kitchen is a perfect mix of Parisian style and modern. The Australian company Minosa Design made this kitchen in an early 1900 Victorian house in a Sydney suburb. The kitchen is behind the panelled pocket doors that match the wall panelling. You can see the open kitchen here and also read more information on the whole project. The clients hardly cooked, and they didn't want to see the appliances so this is a perfect solution for this space.


Photo by Paul Warchol


DESAI CHIA Architecture designed this kitchen in a loft in New York. Another example of an open space with no upper cabinets. They’ve taken black cast-iron of the columns and used the same material for the kitchen. The back wall with the geometric cut out and back lighting, makes it look like a piece of art. The darkness of the kitchen and columns contrasting with the blonde oak flooring looks great and very masculine.


These are all not 'your every day kitchens' and you might not like the modern or what some people would consider risky styles. I work mostly in San Francisco, where you don't have the industrial lofts of New York and the spaces are not originally open. We usually have to open them up by knocking down walls. Your kitchen has to be practical and function to your needs and your family's. But as you can see in this projects, there is so much you can do with kitchens to make them unique and different.

Hope you enjoyed looking at these!

xxx, Sole

Thursday, 07 April 2016 12:11


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The weather is getting warmer, or maybe it was the heat wave that hit San Francisco this week! 

It got me thinking about summer and outdoor spaces. The weather has changed in general (global warming anyone?!) and San Francisco, that used to have foggy summers, has been having a lot more sunny days. I'm not claiming it's LA weather, but we have been getting a bit closer to having those sunny summers I love. Although it still gets chilly at night so nobody is going out to dinner in summer dresses like in LA!

Most of the outdoor spaces I design in San Francisco include the use of outdoor heaters, fire pits and glass walls to protect from the wind. As people who live in the Bay Area know, there are many different micro climates and the weather can change unexpectedly many times during the same day. 

The open air spaces in a city are more like an extra room, and you have to decorate and design it as if it is interior design. Here are some images of spaces that have me dreaming of summer and warm weather! 


via Pinterest


via Pinterest


I love the wood planks on the floor mixed with grass or moss in between. And the cushions on that sofa arrangement look so comfortable! There is even a lamp on that table, making this feel like an interior living room.





fireplace is from here/ photo via Andreas Mikkel  for Bo Bebre magazine




I am not sure about the stiff seating furniture, but the over all look is very inviting. I hope they have the wall of pots connected to an irrigation system! watering that would take a log time... I love the mix use of materials.


Photo via Gilberto Elkis



Neutral colors, linens fabrics and wood. 

via Pinterest




via House and Garden magazine from Conde Nast



Lot's of inspiration! 

xxx, Sole

Soledad Alzaga Interior Design

April 2016






Thursday, 24 March 2016 15:55


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The entryway to a house is the first impression you and your guests get when you first step into your home. 

This spaces always look amazing in pictures, but the reality is that to keep it looking like a perfect, organized and beautiful space is not that easy. Things tend to accumulate in my entrance. Mail, kids jackets and shoes, my handbag or a couple of them if I am having a crazy day and I'm switching gears. Sometimes water bottles, half eaten snacks and soccer cleats also make it into the scene. If you are a parent, you know what I am talking about.

In the picture below you see my entryway. It looks organized, the table has no junk mail on it, and you can see there are some empty hooks close to the door, which usually are covered with kids jackets. But I am an interior designer, I create magic, so I made all that life reality disappear. 

I try to keep it as organized as possible. And I always make a point of having fresh flowers. It makes me happy to walk in at the end of a long day and see fresh flowers on that table. 


Soledad Alzaga entryway- Photo credit Emily Johnston for Rue


Let's talk a bit about the interior design aspect of my entryway. My house is a Victorian in San Francisco, and I wanted to keep the entryway light and bright, but also make a statement with the floor. I thought of laying down hardwood floors and then add a rug. That would have worked and also given me the possibility of experimenting with different design patterns along the way (as an interior designer I like having options and changing constantly). But at the time I was in love with cement tile. This was 10 years ago, and I had seen so many different tiles in South America, and in Morocco that I wanted some in my own house too. Ten years later I am still loving them, and it's the first thing people see when they walk in and comment on.

With such a strong statement on the floor, I decided to keep the rest of the walls and moldings white. The painting and table I got in Argentina and the big mirror leaning against the wall is a solid wood door I found in a salvage yard. it was painted white so I stripped it and waxed it. Yes, I did it myself! Total cost was $50 for each mirror. (I have the other one on the opposite side of the table).


Soledad Alzaga Interior Design - photo credit Emily Johnston for Rue


In this space I designed, I brought some color with a Moroccan rug and a stunning lantern. The mirror I found in an antique store, but you can find something similar from Restoration Hardware. Again I chose to keep the walls and heavy molding all the same color. If you know my work, you know I have a thing for white. Love those flowers!


photo credit Alyssa Rosenheck for Domino - Designer?


I don't know who did the design on the picture above. The walls are again white and the statements are the dark black door and the colorful furniture. Love this space and the hardwood floor pattern. I might have used a long runner myself, but that's just me being difficult ;)


design by Lauren Nelson featured in AD


Your entryway doesn't need to be big to make a statement and look beautiful and put together, as you can see in the picture above. I love the materials and proportions of everything in this space. The console was designed by Nelson.


As an interior designer I always try to make spaces look beautiful, but you also have to be practical and keep in mind how you use your entry. If the first thing you do when you walk in your house is put your bag down, and take off your shoes, then try and incorporate a chair or bench where you can do that. If you live in a shoe free house, find options like baskets, or under a bench to put the shows awya. I have a basket close to my front table where I dump all my junk mail before I put the pile of useful mail down.

Do you like checking yourself in the mirror before going out? Add a wall mirror close to the exit, so you can get that last look. Your space has to work for you besides being beautiful.


xxx, Sole

Soledad Alzaga Interior Design

March, 2016





Wednesday, 09 September 2015 20:10

Teen Room

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This summer I was asked to decorate a teen girl's room. This lucky girl was going to be gone for the summer and was going to be surprised with a new room on her return before starting her first year of high school.

The premise I got was that she likes white, gold and peach colors, she needed a make up area, a study area and a hang out area. 

We first painted everything bright white with Benjamin Moore Super White; my favorite go-to white color. It has no tint of blue or beige, it's just super white! And to make it easier to clean and make even fresher, I chose to paint it in Satin finish.




I chose an upholstered bed with a big storage drawer from Room and Board in white canvas. I thought of bringing gold detail with the bedside tables from West Elm, and the table lamps are from Shabby Chic by Rachel Ashwell. Bed linens from various places, but the most important are the sheets from Anthropologie, as well as the curtains. 



Love these sheets!!!




What looks like wall paper is actually gold circle wall decals which we put on the wall. Found the process very therapeutic and easy to do. Although you need to know when to stop because you can get carried away and end up with too many dots and a wall that looks like it has chicken pox.

Just start at a corner or in the middle and make sure you take a couple steps back to look at the big picture, and keep going back and forward. Hopefully you'll know when to stop.



This room has an original fireplace with pink stone surround which worked perfectly with the color scheme. The peacock mirror adds another gold accent and makes this room a bit more grown up. 


The bright pink pillows are from West Elm and I added layers of throws to cover an existing day bed which can be used as a sofa or as an extra bed for sleepovers.




The make up desk is a parsons table my client already had, and the Lucite chair is from Ikea. I wish the legs were in brass or gold, but you get what you get and you work with it. Curtains from Anthropologie.

All this items are easy to shop for online and are relatively fast to ship. Make sure when you are ordering things that you check availability before you order. It happened in this project with some desks we ordered and after waiting for almost two months we had to cancel and order something else. Don't want to name names, but when you are working trusting other companies so you can do your work well, it gets complicated to be an interior designer and buy things off the internet. But in the end it all works out ;)

Hope you love this room as much as I do!!


Thursday, 30 July 2015 18:30

Rue Magazine Cover

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The month of July was a very busy one! And it has been a very rewarding one too.

My design of a masculine flat was chosen to come out on the cover of the July issue of Rue Magazine, which in my opinion is the best online design magazine around and it was a complete surprise to me! They didn't tell me I made the cover, so imagine my surprise when I saw it! 



The article inside (pg 62) is about how, with limited time, I decorated a bachelor pad in record time. You will find advise on decorating a rental apartment and doing it fast.

Here are more pictures - taken by Emily Johnston from the article, but if you are tempted to go and read it, this is the link:




 The photo on top of the sofa is from from my friend Frank Schott and you can find it here. On top of the bed I used a Jere sculpture I found in a store called Monument in San Francisco. 

For further info on this design project in San Francisco by Soledad Alzaga Interior Design , feel free to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Thursday, 01 May 2014 14:26

Summer Weather...

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The weather in San Francisco has been very hot in the last few days. It feels like the summer we usually don't have. And it has me dreaming of pool houses and summer dresses.... Here is what my day today would look like - of course if I didn't have to work!


1-Ceramic spoons for the perfect summer salad // 2- The perfect avocado and shrimp salad  // 3- I would hang this chair indoors or out and just relax... from Serena and Lily //4- This Missoni ottoman reminds me of summer, would love to see it in a summer house //5- Perfect little bag from Kate Spade to put your sun screen and other pool side needs // 6- This bathing suit just looks amazing from Mara Hoffman// 7- Tequila lime spritzer, because why not?  // 8- The perfect beach basket bag from Calypso


Enjoy your day, whatever weather you have today!



Monday, 27 January 2014 23:59

White Rooms

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If you have seen my home featured in Rue Daily last week, you know I have a thing for white interiors. I thought it was going to be a phase, but it turned into a 7 year phase with no end in sight. Every now and then I think about painting my walls different shades of gray, but then I come back home and I realize I need a blank canvas to come back to.

I get to paint my clients' homes in other colors, and I have been doing many different shades of gray walls for the last 5 years and still love them. I find they are calming, sophisticated and art looks great against gray.

Here are some white room examples, with use of color, or other neutrals, beige and browns, this rooms never look cold or boring to me.


In my living room I have all white walls, but used a lot of pops of color to add warmth and texture. The art on top of the sofa is from Rene Garcia Jr.

design Soledad Alzaga Photo by Emily Johnston for Rue
design Soledad Alzaga Photo by Emily Johnston for Rue



I love this room. White walls with brown and beige. That fur on the bed is amazing and I like that the lamps on the bed side tables don't match.

Aerin Lauder's bedroom in Aspen photographed by Francois Halard for Vogue

I am in love with this bathroom. The texture of the bricks on the walls adds so much to this space that it looks great just painted white.

Atchison Home White Bathroom


Cozy rug, wood, modern lines in the sofa...  My kind of room.

photo via Pinterest


White, gray and black, this time with modern marble tables

Image via Pinterest



I don't know if this room is white or gray but the combination of both makes me so happy.

The back room in a darker gray looks great and the rug and gray sofa in the lighter rooms ties everything together.

This is from Cassina Living via Pinterest



xxx, Soledad                                                                                                                                                                                            

January 27th, 2014





Monday, 20 January 2014 22:27

How it came together

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My clients wanted to completely change their living room and dinning room. It took a while for the husband to convince his wife to paint the rooms gray. He looked at every picture he could find on and showed his wife how great it could look.

After months of hesitation, and what I assume was giving in so she wouldn't have to fight it anymore, she agreed on painting the walls gray. I saw a window of opportunity to get the whole room done before a party they were going to host. We had already ordered the sofa and was being delivered that coming week, but it meant I had 7 days to complete the rooms and have it ready for their holiday party!

Considering the short time window, I had to forget anything that had to be ordered and delivered, or custom, and search in local stores. This is not easy to do when your clients have a very specific set idea of what they want the rooms to look like; I have an idea of what I want the room to look like and the very limited inventory of things available! Most  places have samples in their floors they are not willing to part with, and/or they only have one of the pair I was hoping I was going to get.

The result was a compromise, but I think it came together nicely. The art piece belongs to the clients and we decided to keep it there for now. This room will probably change and evolve with more custom pieces as we find them, but for now, I think we are all happy with the results.



1- West Elm had two of this lamps in the store, so that was an easy choice. I have used this floor lamps before and they are great quality, the height is adjustable and the price is great.

2- I needed a 8x10 rug, in stock, that I could carry back to my clients house the same day and it had to fit the color scheme. This one also from West Elm was a total score.

3 & 5 - Needed pillows to add color and texture. I found this ones in Jonathan Adler. Brasilia Triangles pillow, and the Worth Avenue Bargello pillow (or how I call it the zig zag pillow).

4- On the coffee table I used an acrillic Jonathan Adler vase which is fun and brought some blue to the table.

6- Room and Board Wells sofa in Tamm fabric in slate

7- This West Elm Martini side tables can also be used as stools, and they are easy to use anywhere. Also, lets not forget they had two available in the store!


 xxx, Soledad


Monday, 06 January 2014 17:06

Alexander Wang Objects

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Alexander Wang Objects collection should have been called "objects of desire". These chic, modern and useful pieces are great as presents. Here are some of my favorites...


JUNK BOWL square black and white marble shallow junk bowl $150



Black jump rope with two heavy gold metal ends $135



Blackened steel chain with a mock croc bound lock $145

With this one I would be a bit scared of getting the actual lock stolen....


Brass metal bottle opener with leather handle $75



More and shop at



Wednesday, 06 November 2013 02:21

Photography on your walls

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When this picture of my client's interior came out in Rue Magazine, I got a lot of emails asking me about it. I realized how much people, and myself, like using photography when decorating. Here are other examples of spaces that look great using photos. Enjoy!


Soledad Alzaga Interior Design via Rue Magazine- image by Emily Anderson


Soledad Alzaga Interior Design - Photo on top of sofa is by Frank Schott via Editionektalux- image by Emily Johnston

image via Pinterest

Love this huge picture of a bull. Looks great on top of this gray sofa.


Soledad Alzaga Interior Design via Rue Magazine image by Emily Anderson

Notice the contrast of the photography having no frame against the very ornate molding.


Calvin Klein's New York apartment by designer Francisco Costa


The actress Courtney Cox has a Mario Vitalli photo in her living room - via Elle Decor


Vincent Fournier photo of Brooklyn loft


image via


via tumbler

An old picture blown up and distressed without a frame. 


via tumbler


via pinterest

Here instead of using one big picture, many smaller ones were grouped together to make one big statement. They can all be B&W or color, but don't be afraid to mix too, but be sure to have some consistency with the frames if you are going for this look.

 For more questions on our projects contact Soledad Alzaga Interior Design in San Francisco at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






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