How it came together

My clients wanted to completely change their living room and dinning room. It took a while for the husband to convince his wife to paint the rooms gray. He looked at every picture he could find on and showed his wife how great it could look.

After months of hesitation, and what I assume was giving in so she wouldn't have to fight it anymore, she agreed on painting the walls gray. I saw a window of opportunity to get the whole room done before a party they were going to host. We had already ordered the sofa and was being delivered that coming week, but it meant I had 7 days to complete the rooms and have it ready for their holiday party!

Considering the short time window, I had to forget anything that had to be ordered and delivered, or custom, and search in local stores. This is not easy to do when your clients have a very specific set idea of what they want the rooms to look like; I have an idea of what I want the room to look like and the very limited inventory of things available! Most  places have samples in their floors they are not willing to part with, and/or they only have one of the pair I was hoping I was going to get.

The result was a compromise, but I think it came together nicely. The art piece belongs to the clients and we decided to keep it there for now. This room will probably change and evolve with more custom pieces as we find them, but for now, I think we are all happy with the results.



1- West Elm had two of this lamps in the store, so that was an easy choice. I have used this floor lamps before and they are great quality, the height is adjustable and the price is great.

2- I needed a 8x10 rug, in stock, that I could carry back to my clients house the same day and it had to fit the color scheme. This one also from West Elm was a total score.

3 & 5 - Needed pillows to add color and texture. I found this ones in Jonathan Adler. Brasilia Triangles pillow, and the Worth Avenue Bargello pillow (or how I call it the zig zag pillow).

4- On the coffee table I used an acrillic Jonathan Adler vase which is fun and brought some blue to the table.

6- Room and Board Wells sofa in Tamm fabric in slate

7- This West Elm Martini side tables can also be used as stools, and they are easy to use anywhere. Also, lets not forget they had two available in the store!


 xxx, Soledad


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