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If you have seen my home featured in Rue Daily last week, you know I have a thing for white interiors. I thought it was going to be a phase, but it turned into a 7 year phase with no end in sight. Every now and then I think about painting my walls different shades of gray, but then I come back home and I realize I need a blank canvas to come back to.

I get to paint my clients' homes in other colors, and I have been doing many different shades of gray walls for the last 5 years and still love them. I find they are calming, sophisticated and art looks great against gray.

Here are some white room examples, with use of color, or other neutrals, beige and browns, this rooms never look cold or boring to me.


In my living room I have all white walls, but used a lot of pops of color to add warmth and texture. The art on top of the sofa is from Rene Garcia Jr.

design Soledad Alzaga Photo by Emily Johnston for Rue
design Soledad Alzaga Photo by Emily Johnston for Rue



I love this room. White walls with brown and beige. That fur on the bed is amazing and I like that the lamps on the bed side tables don't match.

Aerin Lauder's bedroom in Aspen photographed by Francois Halard for Vogue

I am in love with this bathroom. The texture of the bricks on the walls adds so much to this space that it looks great just painted white.

Atchison Home White Bathroom


Cozy rug, wood, modern lines in the sofa...  My kind of room.

photo via Pinterest


White, gray and black, this time with modern marble tables

Image via Pinterest



I don't know if this room is white or gray but the combination of both makes me so happy.

The back room in a darker gray looks great and the rug and gray sofa in the lighter rooms ties everything together.

This is from Cassina Living via Pinterest



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January 27th, 2014





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