Rue Magazine Cover

The month of July was a very busy one! And it has been a very rewarding one too.

My design of a masculine flat was chosen to come out on the cover of the July issue of Rue Magazine, which in my opinion is the best online design magazine around and it was a complete surprise to me! They didn't tell me I made the cover, so imagine my surprise when I saw it! 



The article inside (pg 62) is about how, with limited time, I decorated a bachelor pad in record time. You will find advise on decorating a rental apartment and doing it fast.

Here are more pictures - taken by Emily Johnston from the article, but if you are tempted to go and read it, this is the link:




 The photo on top of the sofa is from from my friend Frank Schott and you can find it here. On top of the bed I used a Jere sculpture I found in a store called Monument in San Francisco. 

For further info on this design project in San Francisco by Soledad Alzaga Interior Design , feel free to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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