Teen Room

This summer I was asked to decorate a teen girl's room. This lucky girl was going to be gone for the summer and was going to be surprised with a new room on her return before starting her first year of high school.

The premise I got was that she likes white, gold and peach colors, she needed a make up area, a study area and a hang out area. 

We first painted everything bright white with Benjamin Moore Super White; my favorite go-to white color. It has no tint of blue or beige, it's just super white! And to make it easier to clean and make even fresher, I chose to paint it in Satin finish.




I chose an upholstered bed with a big storage drawer from Room and Board in white canvas. I thought of bringing gold detail with the bedside tables from West Elm, and the table lamps are from Shabby Chic by Rachel Ashwell. Bed linens from various places, but the most important are the sheets from Anthropologie, as well as the curtains. 



Love these sheets!!!




What looks like wall paper is actually gold circle wall decals which we put on the wall. Found the process very therapeutic and easy to do. Although you need to know when to stop because you can get carried away and end up with too many dots and a wall that looks like it has chicken pox.

Just start at a corner or in the middle and make sure you take a couple steps back to look at the big picture, and keep going back and forward. Hopefully you'll know when to stop.



This room has an original fireplace with pink stone surround which worked perfectly with the color scheme. The peacock mirror adds another gold accent and makes this room a bit more grown up. 


The bright pink pillows are from West Elm and I added layers of throws to cover an existing day bed which can be used as a sofa or as an extra bed for sleepovers.




The make up desk is a parsons table my client already had, and the Lucite chair is from Ikea. I wish the legs were in brass or gold, but you get what you get and you work with it. Curtains from Anthropologie.

All this items are easy to shop for online and are relatively fast to ship. Make sure when you are ordering things that you check availability before you order. It happened in this project with some desks we ordered and after waiting for almost two months we had to cancel and order something else. Don't want to name names, but when you are working trusting other companies so you can do your work well, it gets complicated to be an interior designer and buy things off the internet. But in the end it all works out ;)

Hope you love this room as much as I do!!


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