The weather is getting warmer, or maybe it was the heat wave that hit San Francisco this week! 

It got me thinking about summer and outdoor spaces. The weather has changed in general (global warming anyone?!) and San Francisco, that used to have foggy summers, has been having a lot more sunny days. I'm not claiming it's LA weather, but we have been getting a bit closer to having those sunny summers I love. Although it still gets chilly at night so nobody is going out to dinner in summer dresses like in LA!

Most of the outdoor spaces I design in San Francisco include the use of outdoor heaters, fire pits and glass walls to protect from the wind. As people who live in the Bay Area know, there are many different micro climates and the weather can change unexpectedly many times during the same day. 

The open air spaces in a city are more like an extra room, and you have to decorate and design it as if it is interior design. Here are some images of spaces that have me dreaming of summer and warm weather! 


via Pinterest


via Pinterest


I love the wood planks on the floor mixed with grass or moss in between. And the cushions on that sofa arrangement look so comfortable! There is even a lamp on that table, making this feel like an interior living room.


via http://onekindesign.com/



fireplace is from here/ photo via Andreas Mikkel  for Bo Bebre magazine


via http://style-files.com/


I am not sure about the stiff seating furniture, but the over all look is very inviting. I hope they have the wall of pots connected to an irrigation system! watering that would take a log time... I love the mix use of materials.


Photo via Gilberto Elkis



Neutral colors, linens fabrics and wood. 

via Pinterest


via Designmag.fr


via House and Garden magazine from Conde Nast



Lot's of inspiration! 

xxx, Sole

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